Select Podcast Appearances

The best part about my interview on the What Not to Wellness pod was how much hosts Renée and Maria helped me articulate my baby theory of body righteousness. We discuss the intersection of wellness culture and diet culture, intuitive eating, and just how much time it takes to shift your body image. I absolutely loved this conversation.

Hosts Abby Rose Morris and Luz Ballester asked me to appear on their show, More Than Tracy Turnblad, when we saw each other on social media trashing the extremely tepid cultural commentary about Ozempic. We had so much fun diving deep into cultural beliefs about hunger as something to be controlled, body anxiety, and how many times it’s “acceptable” to eat in a day.

More Than Tracy Turnblad podcast

When hosts Tamsin and Gillian invited me to chat on the Anti-Diet Club podcast, I did not know we were going to go into something near and dear to my heart: the spiritual side of diet recovery and body image healing. We went very deep very fast, and I felt a wonderful, zingy connection throughout our discussion. Can’t wait to return for a part two of this one.

This episode of the After 30 Podcast is a great exploration of emotional eating, especially for those who still feel a lot of worry and anxiety about it. Fabulous hosts Tabitha and Anis took a super curious, welcoming approach as we explored the possibility that “eating your feelings” is not at all the problem that diet culture makes it out to be. A great episode to folks new to intuitive eating.

In this episode of Awakened Woman Self-Care, lovely host Christine Pensa and I explore what it means to peel back layers of bullshit self-beliefs imposed on us by diet culture, and how to re-connect to self-trust and body neutrality. This is a great episode for those who like a little woo-woo with their body and food healing.