Write Your Body Story

A pink-edged notebook is open to a blank page. A white an pink pen rests on it.

Registration for this course is closed for spring 2023. Check back in fall 2023 for registration dates and details.

What is the story you tell yourself about your body?

Where and how did you take on that story?

What is the story about your body that you are longing to tell?

Your body story is the internal set of beliefs you hold about your body. Based on a collection of life events, memories, achievements, and more, it is the narrative that you create to make sense of your body. Like many stories, it can sometimes be conflicting, uncertain, triumphant, and full of despair. It can also be open for interpretation, and continual re-writing.

Understanding your body story is a critical practice in healing your relationship with your body.

Write Your Body Story is an opportunity for you to go deep into that story, unpack where you learned it, and write a whole new one into reality.

At the end of the course, you will not only have a deeper understanding of how your body story got shaped. You’ll have written your way to an entirely new narrative that you can use to build a healthier, more connected, more peaceful relationship with your body.

The details:

Meeting LIVE over Zoom
4 weeks in May 2023 (May 10, 17, 24, and 31*)
7:00 – 9:00 pm EST
$197 (+ applicable taxes)

*(The date may be shifted from Wednesdays to another weeknight if mutually acceptable to all who register, so check in with me if this is your only barrier to registration.)

Each week, we will:

  • meet online as a small group (4 – 6 people) for instruction, group discussion, and writing time together
  • write about the earliest stories, memories and events that inform your body story today—especially those places where you learned your body was a problem
  • explore what your body has been trying to tell you recently

What you get:

  • a FREE copy of my new book, Love Letters From Your Body, delivered in the format of your choice (paperback, PDF, or e-reader)
  • 4 weekly lessons on how to write your body story in a safe, trauma-informed way
  • concrete practices to support you with unpacking the beliefs that block your path to developing a more gentle, respectful, loving relationship with your body
  • time for reflection, writing and group discussion
  • weekly homework assignments to support your process of uncovering your body story (these are optional! No actual writing or thinking is required between classes unless YOU want to do that!)
  • an online discussion space (most likely Discord) that you can use between classes to pose questions and kick around ideas
  • a community of rad people who get it…like, really get it

If you are struggling with a punitive, critical or judgemental body image, unpacking where and how you learned your body story can be profoundly transformative. While we can’t control many aspects of our bodies themselves, we can shape the narrative of who and what we believe our bodies to be. This is where we can find the relationship of peace, ease, and feeling at home within ourselves that so many of us long for.

When you shift your body story from “I hate my body,” to “I believe I can learn to love this body,” a whole world of possibility opens up for you.

Come give it a try. Questions? Email hello @ schoolofbitchcraft . com

Refund policy: If you buy this course and request a refund for any reason before the start date, I will refund you 100% of your purchase. If you request a refund on the day the course starts and the 6 following days before the day of the second class, I will refund you 75%. No refunds will be issued after that point.