Riots Not Diets

It’s OK for your body to change

Updated December 21, 2020
A pink and yellow blob figure faces a blue blob figure.

It’s ok for your body to change during coronavirus lockdown.

It’s ok for your body to change during puberty.

It’s ok for your body to change during menopause.

It’s ok for your body to change during illness and remission and recovery and healing and aging.

Your body is not supposed to be static. To stay alive, your body always has to be changing.

In fact, your body is characterized precisely by its dynamism: it’s always doing something, making something, processing something, shedding something. It is in a constant state of change as it synthesizes, metabolizes, divides and hydrolizes. Yay, bodies!

We live in a culture, though, that will tell you that the size and shape you were when you were in high school is the same size and shape you’re supposed to be when you get your first professional job, or before/after you have your first (or third) baby, or after you hit menopause.

That is ridiculous and a profoundly anemic understanding of the human life cycle. It is life-denying, frankly, and death-denying, too.

So if you’ve gained weight in 2020 because coronavirus changed your daily life, just know that that is because the magnificent organism that you are had to respond to a number of changes in its external environment…all without you having to consciously do anything! It is amazing that it did that, and it kept you alive!

Hooray to staying alive during a global pandemic, right?

Good job, body! Good job!