Love Letters From Your Body

I’m thrilled to announce my debut book, Love Letters From Your Body, is out now!

“Love your body” is an easy slogan to throw around, but a hard expectation to fulfill. When we force body positivity on ourselves, we often end up feeling guilty and worse than when we started. But what if we’ve got it backwards? What if a feeling of love for our bodies didn’t come from our brains, but vice versa?

What if your body sent love to your mind rather than the other way around?

Love Letters From Your Body Book

That’s the sensation you get when you read these love letters, because they feel like they’re delivered straight from your own heart. With 31 letters in all, readers can spend a month tapping in daily to a sense of ease in the body—the very thing we long for the most (and that shame can never deliver).

Instead of forcing a message of “embrace your curves!” on yourself, Love Letters From Your Body gently invites you to sense what is already there: a radiant, unrepeatable being who is already worthy of love.

Full of warm, gentle advice for healing your body image, this collection will soothe body anxiety and enhance a genuine, loving connection with yourself.

Ready to feel the love? Choose your format:

(You can also stroll into your local library or bookstore and ask them to order it if you don’t see it there. Isn’t that cool?)

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