I am passionate about spreading the word that you can live your life without feeling guilty about food. My goal is to let women and non-binary folks know that you don’t have to spend decades of your life counting almonds, weighing cheese or buying tasteless, low-fat anything ever again. I speak to groups about the possibilities of feeling free from body shame and hatred that lie just beyond the horizon.

Why hire me? Because I’ve got:

Experience. Over the past 20 years, I’ve done countless talks, seminars and conference presentations to audiences large and small. And hey, I spent 6 years teaching 18-year-old university students about Plato and Aristotle. You don’t get through that without learning how to engage an audience—especially one that isn’t entirely convinced that they should listen to you. (Not only that, this was the same crowd that generated a folder full of “you were my favourite instructor” feedback for me.)

Knowledge. I have been working, studying, and healing my own shit in the areas of diet recovery, disordered eating, diet-binge cycling and weight neutral coaching since 2014.

Confidence. When it comes to speaking, I believe that only 25% of the job is preparing the actual content of your talk; 75% is about getting up on stage and feeling ready to go

The yin and the yang. As analytical as I am, I am equally emotionally intelligent. This 50/50 superpower allows me to craft smart, insightful, clever presentations, but deliver them with heart, humour and deep atunement to my audience.

And finally, proof…without a demo reel. They’re not polished, and I shot half of them in my pyjamas, but yes, I’m talking about my TikTok videos. Creative, funny, and above all, authentic, my TikToks have created community, brought comfort to viewers and ignited conversations about aging, the diet industry, parenting, and more.

What can you hire me to speak about

These are just some topics I’ve love to speak to your group about (but feel free to get in touch if you have something else in mind):

  • Practical steps for healing body image
  • Mythbusting “wellness culture”
  • The role of anxiety in food obsession and body image
  • “I don’t have an eating disorder, but…”: How disordered eating hides in a diet-obsessed world
  • Why fatphobia is missing from your intersectional analysis
  • When diet culture masquerades as health: Re-learning health-promoting behaviours
  • Leaving academia: Non-academic careers beyond the ivory tower

Groups I speak to:

I’m available for everything from keynotes to small group discussions for:


women’s groups

queer service orgs

professional associations


corporate employers

regulatory colleges

health care workers

rotary clubs

Get in touch

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