Apologizing for your body ends now.

School of Bitchcraft is for those who are DONE with the endless rollercoaster of yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, and diet-binge cycling, but who don’t know what the alternative is.

You’ve tried every diet in the book—every “lifestyle change,” plan, and protocol—and it’s just not working anymore. You can’t remember the last time you felt at home in your body. You’re exhausted from constantly feeling out of control around food. You know you need something entirely different, something you’ve never tried before, but you have no idea what that is.

I’ve got you, my friend.

What you need is bitchcraft.

I teach clients how to end food obsession and find ease in their bodies so they can just get on with living their damn lives.

I help them stop apologizing to the world for their bodies…

and start apologizing to their bodies on behalf of the world.*

When you bring an end to food and body obsession, something truly magical happens within you. Just imagine going from:

obsessing over the leftovers called “EAT ME” from your fridge…

…to “oh, shit, I forgot I had those mashed potatoes back there.”

having internal screaming matches between your mind and your body about whether you’re gonna have dessert…

…to feeling relaxed and confident in your choice to have a piece of chocolate cake or not.

standing at the cupboard scarfing down graham crackers and chocolate chips while everyone else is asleep…

…to slumbering peacefully because you went to bed feeling entirely at ease about your food choices that day.

I do this work because I love supporting feminist women and other folks socialized as girls with opening up to a vast, new sense of what they are ENTITLED to.

You might not know it yet, but you are actually entitled to:

  • existing
  • having a body
  • eating food (including proper satisfying meals that make you lean back and go, “ah!” when you’re done)
  • putting YOU and your communities first, rather than the requirements of diet culture

We tune in to this sense of entitlement to help you heal from body shame and diet-binge cycling. And if putting yourself and your own needs ahead of diet culture makes you seem like a bitch? We go ahead and get entitled anyway. We don’t resist the label. We embrace it. (After all, bitchcrafters can spot a weak-ass attempt to stop us from prioritizing our self, our body and our communities from a miiiile away).

“IMO, if they’re going to call you a fckin bitch, you may as well excell, be bold and be one.

Twitter user @nhdogmom

Anyone can practice bitchcraft. You may already know a badass who seems to come by it naturally.

But if you want support with becoming a person who can access confidence, self-love and peace around food any time, even in your most challenging moments, sign up for coaching with me. Here’s what it looks like:

One: We start with exploring why you feel out of control around food. We go deep into your current eating patterns and unpack your beliefs that are driving your behaviours. We work to cool the drama between you and food.

Two: When you heal your relationship with food, you open a doorway to heal your relationship with your body. Using compassionate inquiry, we dive deep into the ways manipulating your body has and hasn’t served you up to now. We explore ways you can cultivate a deep well of self-trust and innate confidence.

Three: We analyze and reckon with the forces of social and institutional power that shape your life, including sexism, racism, fatphobia and ableism. You purposely decide on thoughts and stories that serve you and your beloved communities, and make like Elsa and let goooo of those that don’t.

(And yes, that acronym does spell “OTT,” also known as “over the top,” because that’s just how we like things around here.)

The result? You becoming a bad bitch who:

“Teach a girl to comply and she’ll be safe for a day. Teach a girl to deconstruct patriarchy and she’ll be free forever.”

Virgie tovar

Ready for a life beyond beyond internally screaming over food chaos?

Let’s make it happen.

Bitchcraft is something you can undertake on your own. But the fast-track is with coaching, where you and I work one-on-one to uncover limiting beliefs and tackling challenging circumstances.

We undo years of social conditioning—for some of us, this started in grade school—that never even gave you a chance. We go deep into unpacking body hatred and mistrust. We explore the fact that your body is your very life, and what it means to love your body in a world that doesn’t always want you to.

(And if you want to know more about my social justice commitments when I coach clients, check them out here.)

Together, we get you where you want to be: deeply connected to your own self-trust, exuding confidence and kicking ass in all the areas of life that matter the most to you.

Ready for more? Get in touch!

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    * Credit to Ragen Chastain for first coining a similar phrase.