Change your relationship with food, change your relationship with life.

Is this you?

You have days where you’ve really got “this food thing” figured out…and days where you just totally blow it.

Yeah, sure, you’re “body positive”—just not about your body.

You know dieting isn’t healthy or sustainable, but you really need to lose the weight.

And after trying every possible food plan, you are seriously at the end of your rope, left with nothing but clothes that don’t fit, a body you hate and a raging case of hangry.

If this is you, then know this:

You are not alone.

You are in the right place (so here’s a picture of me welcoming you here!).

And, oh, yeah:

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You know you don’t want to live your whole life hating your body, or being trapped in the diet-binge cycle, or promising yourself for the millionth time that this time it’ll be different. You want to walk your feminist talk. You want to be done with all the body and food stuff.

But you don’t know what else to do. Fortunately, I do.

You don’t have to spend the rest of your life fighting with your body. You don’t have to sacrifice your sanity and freedom around food anymore. There is a way to stop the incessant fear of weight gain from ringing in your head all day long.

(Pro tip: It’s not by cutting carbs, going keto or exercising obsessively. That shit only makes those fears ring LOUDER.)

The first thing you gotta know is this: none of these sanity-sabotaging fears are your fault.

Whose fault is it?

#1: Diet culture

Ah, yes, diet culture, the invention of hobgoblins, little minds and racist old white men. Diet culture messages are everywhere, infused with sexist beliefs about what women are supposed to do with their bodies to be “healthy” (as if yo-yo dieting is healthy) and attractive.

#2: Your brain

As smart as you are, your well-intentioned lizard brain (the part that constantly searches for threats) is a dumbass when it comes to telling the difference between the threat of a wooly mammoth vs lumpy thighs. To your brain, they are both equally TERRIFYING.

Diet culture and your lizard brain work so brilliantly together that we can’t even see a way out of their grip. In fact, they work so effectively together that we think it’s our body’s fault that we torture ourselves with thoughts like:

They won’t want to go on a second date with me if they see my stomach looking like that.

I can’t believe I ate all that. I’m disgusting.

If only I could just conquer my night eating, everything would be ok.

These thoughts aren’t proof there’s something wrong with you or your body.

They are proof you are a human being living in a messed up culture that has trained you to think that way from the jump.

Think about it: what is your earliest memory of learning that your body threatened to be wrong or bad, or that women’s bodies need to be a certain way? Who told you that? If you met that person today, would you ask them for directions on the street, let alone instructions on your appearance?

I don’t fucking think so.

This is where bitchcraft comes in.

Bitchcraft is the power you already have inside you to end emotional eating, binge eating and chronic cycles of dieting—once and for all.

When we work together to activate your inner bitchcrafter, we unpack the hot takes from diet culture, and the comments from that boy in third grade who called you fat, and all the other fearful bullshit lodged deep in your brain and we fuck it up.

Oh, and we also take:

brain + body science +

thought work +

social justice principles

and we get real about ending your binges, your food obsession, your night eating and sugar cravings once and for all.

In other words, we transform your relationship with food from fearful, perfectionist and obsessive to relaxed, confident and peaceful.

And yes, when your relationship with food changes, your whole life changes

(And that’s why exploring how you relate to food is actually a magnificent doorway to discovering core beliefs about your very life.)

When Kim and I worked together, she discovered a world of peace on her plate and ease in her body:

I’ve spent more than two decades obsessed with food. As a feminist with a degree in Gender Studies, there was an added level of shame that I was reinforcing bullshit patriarchal expectations of women’s bodies. Working with Sabina was like having an exorcism. Outdated, harmful stories have been unearthed making room for new beliefs that focus on self-trust and compassion. Her approach to intuitive eating has been a game-changer. I never thought I’d be able to enjoy a bagel without a side order of judgment… but thanks to my work with Sabina, now I do! … She empowered me with the tools and support to feel at home in my body.

–Kim S.

Here’s what you get when you sign up for coaching:

One-on-one coaching every week for 4 months. That’s 16 hour-long sessions to bring an end to food obsession.

Customized, tailored homework each week to strengthen your insights between sessions & integrate the work in your life.

Access to me by email 24/7, or by text or voice messages 12 hours/day for quick check-ins or answers to your questions.

You also have the flexibility to add on additional coaching months if you feel the need.

The price:

$625 per month for 4 months

(or $2,500 up front—your choice)

I also offer one accessible spot per month at 75% off the regular price. That’s $157 per month for four months, or $628 up front. The accessible seat is intended for people from marginalized communities, particularly if you have a low income, are fat/plus size, Black, Indigenous, a person of colour, trans, non-binary or have a disability. If you’re interested in applying, please get in touch using the form below. This spot is available on the honour system, i.e. I will not require that you show me any kind of “proof” of your financial status or identity.

The August ’22 spot is still available.

And here is what you can expect from my social justice commitments when we work together.

When we worked together, Amy began healing from a lifetime of chaotic eating:

I didn’t realize how deeply I had buried my food and body issues and the negative feelings that I’d been holding onto. The questions Sabina asked me during our sessions were ones that I had never acknowledged and held space for. Working with her helped empower me to embrace and unpack those feelings rather than shaming myself. My experience with Sabina has helped me to move forward and let go of what is no longer serving me. 

–Amy F.

Not quite ready for coaching? Here are other ways we can hang out:

Ask Me Anything (AMA). These one-off consultations are your chance to spend an hour with me discussing anything you want, from ending diet-binge cycling to handling career change. Sessions are $75. If you want to sign up for ongoing coaching with me afterwards, I’ll deduct the AMA fee from the total price. Interested? Fill out the form below.

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Hang out with me LIVE on TikTok. I go LIVE on TikTok most Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm Eastern. It’s my chance to chat, hang out and get to know folks in the TikTok community. Sometimes I eat dinner during my lives, and I encourage others to join me and eat in a relaxed, easygoing manner. Come, ask questions and let’s get to know each other!

The bottom line:

When I’m your coach, I’ll be an advocate for your sanity and freedom around food,

a.k.a., I’ll be the bitch who works on your behalf.

Then you’ll go from being sick and tired of

sugar cravings
thinking about food all day
planning events/your life around food
hating yourself for breaking a food rule
and being scared that you’ll never get your “food problem” figured out

To being the bad bitch who works on her own behalf.

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